Stu Jackson


  • Advertising
  • Agriculture
  • Architecture
  • Automotive & Transport
  • Corporate & Business
  • Editorial
  • Industrial
  • Public Relations & Press
  • Virtual Reality


52 Stafford Street
PO Box 400
New Zealand


+64 3 688 5050


+64 274 342 372


- Full-time Professional Commercial / Industrial Photographer since 1987
- Specialising in Industrial / Heavy Industrial / Commercial and Process Engineering Imagery
- Also shooting the Tunnelling & Mining, Structural & Civil Engineering, Shipping, Cranage & Heavy Lifting, Trucks & Heavy Haulage and Factory / Processing Industries
- Site Safe Accredited & Accredited Contractor for most of the Major Dairy companies. Own PPE / Harnesses etc
- Harness and Heights qualifications
- Heavy Transport and Agriculture images also form a large part of my workload
- Born in NZ but started own photography business while living in the UK in 1987, moved to Germany in 1991 while working as a photographer in Holland before returning to New Zealand in 1992 where I established my current business
- Proficient Drone Operator 4k / 48Mp ( 2x Identical Drones and enough batteries for about 6 hrs work )
- Also very comfortable with 'door off' helicopter high aerial work

Stu Jackson

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