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New Zealand


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The world is a curious, strange and still wonderful place. This past year, Shona has found inspiration in the local, the micro, even the mundane. The connectivity between people, and intrinsic relationship between humans and their environment has resulted in a photographic shift for her towards the human experience in all its idiosyncratic authenticity. As a result, over 2020, Shona produced work ranging from family portraits in the time of lockdown, to children, simply being children in a number of ordinary situations, to people creating abundance in their own backyards.

Shona's relationships with her clients has also gained a fresh perspective through the lens of the past year - co-creation, collaboration and empathy are some of the key foundations upon which she bases her work. As always though, her background in political science continues to contribute to her analytical approach and generation of ideas to get the best out of projects. Outside of her commercial work, Shona has a developing fine art photographic practice that is informed by the sciences.

Shona Dey