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ABOUT Photography was always a way to explore and learn about the world for me. An excuse to be alone in the middle of the forest or in the middle of a dirty street in a foreign country. My passion lies in the exploration of unique cultures and the human experience.

My work as a photographer and filmmaker has taken me all around the globe, from USA, Thailand, Costa Rica, Mexico, Cuba, New Zealand and more. My degrees in cultural anthropology, film production and fine arts photography have helped hone my skills, but I have undoubtedly learned the most through the talented and amazing people I have had the privilege of working with.

In late 2017 I finished directing and editing Luckie Strike, – a short documentary supported by Loading Docs, which follows two friends attempting to connect two caves together in NZ’s stunning underground. This documentary was selected by National Geographic for their Short Film Showcase and was one incredible project to work on. We are currently in development for the longer version now.

If I’m not outside climbing or caving, I’m usually thinking up some crazy idea for my next project. I believe in change and creativity and never becoming stagnant in my work or the way I view what I’m seeing.

Melissa Nickerson

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