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14c, 4 Short Street
New Zealand


021 341 777


I'm an Auckland based commercial photographer with over 15 years experience. My photography career started in fine art and eventually took me to Paris where I lived for 2 years studying photography and traveling.

Images for me need to be strong, clean, and uncomplicated, and I believe they should make you stop, breathe, and feel something you've never felt before.
Predominantly I focus on corporate imagery and advertising with a passion for photographing people in their working environments.

In my personal work, I'm passionate about documenting people and artisans, both here in NZ and overseas. With my NZ work I'm currently completing a book on creative NZ woman due to be published late 2020. But I'm obsessed with travel so when I'm not working you will find me in some remote place seeking out indigenous artisans and capturing the stories of their dying creative arts.

Ann Orman

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